Meike AF Macro Extension Tubes for Canon

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Product Descriptions

The Length: 13mm, 21mm and 31mm.

Get Closer, without a Macro lens! Extension tubes allow almost any lens to focus closer and you won't need to carry a macro lens!

The Meike Automatic Extension Tube Set comes as a set of 3 tubes of different lengths - 13mm, 21mm and 31mm. Use these by inserting between the lens and the body of SLR Cameras. These set of tubes also can be used singly or combined in seven magnification strength.

Since there is electrical contact between the lens and your camera body, the lens can communicate flawlessly with body, thus AF function, aperture adjustment can be done.

Compatible with any Canon EOS SLR Camera and any EF/EFs lens

Package Includes:
1 x Meike AF Macro Extension Tubes for Canon

6 months DSLRplaza standard warranty.

Samples Preview:
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Sample taken at minimal focus distance w/o cropping. (focal length = 50mm f/13)

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