Macro Extension Tubes for E-Mount Sony NEX Camera (Non-AF)

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The brand new Macro Extension Tubes for E-Mount Sony NEX Camera (Non-AF), which includes 3 extension tubes - 9mm, 16mm, 30mm adapters and a male & female adapter, provide you a more affordable way in macro photography with manual focus. You may mount the tubes between lens and camera body to get your choice of macro ranges. There are totally 8 combinations.

Use this set will not downgrade the optical quality of your lens. Sharpness and Saturation can be still maintained. But they are not meter-coupled. They do not preserve the automatic diaphragm. It should be used with manual lenses with their own aperture dial. There is no electronic connection between the body and the lens. Automatic lenses can be used with their widest open aperture only. Focusing has to be done with manual focus.


  • Sony Nex E-Mount: Fit for all Lens and Sony NEX Body.
  • It moves the lens farther from the film or digital sensor. The farther away the lens is, the closer the focus, the greater the magnification.
  • This extension tube does not affect image quality as there is no optics inside. In comparison, a close up filters are often blamed for degrading image quality.
  • Brand new, never used;
  • Made of metal (not plastic);
  • Color : black

Package Includes:
1 x Macro Extension Tubes for E-Mount Sony NEX Camera (Non-AF) (Lens and Camera are not included)

Samples Preview

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Sample taken at minimal focus distance w/o cropping. (focal length = 50mm)

There are no electrical contacts in the extension tubes. Exposure has to be adjusted manually. Aperture control is not available if you use a lens which does not allow you to manually adjust the aperture (without an aperture ring).

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