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DSLRplaza.com is a Kuala Lumpur-based online photographic equipment provider. Established in February 2011, we started our online trading on Lowyat.NET, CARI.com.my, JBTALKS.CC, and PhotoMalaysia.com forum as ILoveHongKong, and we are a fast growing and dynamic business. We differentiate ourselves from the run of the mill online stores by providing a high level of service and a strong focus on customers satisfaction.

is owned and operated by Malaysia-registered company, Euphorix Technology Enterprise (002030121-K). Your purchases and rights are protected by Malaysia Consumer Law.

We are dedicated to make the DSLRplaza.com experience a pleasant and helpful solution to your needs as we wish to see a smile on your face that matches those in your photographs. We have always been taking great care with every order from secure packing to swift delivery. All in-stock items are dispatched within 24 hours. We also monitor all items daily to minimise out of stock occurrences and enjoying excellent relationships with manufacturers, we are proud to be constantly one of the first to ship the latest products.

Why choose DSLRplaza.com?

We are Registered company
We are Euphorix Technology Enterprise (002030121-K) instead of just a ‘somebody’ on the internet, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not we will be around next month or next year. Apart from photography trading, we are also professional men in another field and we conduct our business ethically.

Excellence after-sales services
Our focus is customers' satisfaction
, customers' satisfaction, and customers' satisfaction; our job is to sell more than just the box.

Our reputation and customer feedback is Outstanding
We first initiated our trading in a variety of forums and achieved an outstanding reputation and flawless trading records in Lowyat.NET, Cari.com.my, JBTALKS.CC, and PhotoMalaysia.com. Feel free to check out our customer testimonial and see how our customers love to deal with us!

Consistently Low Prices
We constantly survey the competition, and we make sure that our prices are the best you will find anywhere. Our customers shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for great pricing, nor should they have to pay a premium for great quality.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Service
We offer a pleasant, hassle-free buying experience. We are a customer-focused company, and we believe that without satisfied and happy customers, we wouldn’t exist as a business.


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