4x AA Sanyo Harmolattice 2500mAh rechargable batteries

Brand: Sanyo
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Sanyo Harmolattice AA
Made in Japan
Typical Capacity: 2500mAh
Minimum Capacity: 2400mAh  

Product Description
Developed by Sanyo in 2005, Sanyo Eneloop is the World’s most recognisable Rechargeable Batteries. 
Sanyo Eneloop batteries combine the strengths of disposable and rechargeable batteries into a single product that is Ready to use, Rechargeable and possesses a long storage life.

Key Features
-Low self-discharge- Can store for YEARS and still be used without charging.
-1,500 cycle life – Equivalent to purchasing 1,500 pieces of ordinary batteries!!!
-Environmentally friendly – Reduce wastes to the environment!

Items included in this package:
-4pcs AA Sanyo Harmolattice 2500mAh rechargable batteries

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